The Innovative Agriculturist explores a lifestyle of being in harmony within our self, and therefore, in harmony with our environment.

Where the heart is swayed

If I were to peer inside my own fantasy, I would find myself thriving within an old forest. I would have tucked away a space for myself, a retreat from the storm, beneath the archway of tangling roots from some century-old tree carved out at the bank of a meandering creek. I’d have laid dried grasses thatched over those archways to blend my being there into the earth, and draped wool fleeces over my skin to close in the heat to my heart. I’d sit silent, with adoring eyes, watching the rain dance past that canopy of care. I’d be alone, but not as one who is lonely. I’d be alone with the very poetry of aliveness that right then sways and swoons that living forest. I, alone, would be sensing the vastness of other moments just like that one… that are there then slip away, replaced by yet another, that movement, the aliveness, the poetry… and wonder at the luck that I had found myself right there to meet that old forest in that moment and be with it the very poetry of aliveness as we to one another swoon and sway.

I share with you in that very wonder, exploring being the poetry that is earth and air, rain and fire of life.