Imagine simplifying.

Leaving your race for successful achievement, for ownership, for power and turning .

Leaving the cruelty of the rhythm of consuming demand and finding yourself while immersed in nature. The perils of indebtedness having leaped forth at you past the gossamer mask of solicitations for power, you see the cost now. It’s far too great an ask to spend your self to oil a system that only promises to spend you faster.

So, you choose to live with the land, with your self, with each other. Using what is needed, solving dilemmas at hand, with what is at hand.

Exploiting none, exasperating none, using skill to provide balance, finding happiness in rest. Supporting what is around. What is near. Being near. To join again with the sense of the direct impact you do have, that substance of creative energy that is your being, the potential energy of which has long been discharged towards far away places, now redirecting that creative energy to your own self. To lay down the heavy load of disconnection and for the first time, you greet your self.

There is a distant song gently romancing your ear, but it is not of some siren, somewhere outside.. It is within you. Calling you, teaching you to move to the rhythm of the wild, which is the rhythm of our very own heart. 

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